Nefeli Villas & Suites lets you discover the hidden paradise of Halkidiki, enjoying daily cruises which will take you to the most beautiful, off-the-beaten-track places. Our guests in collaboration with the captain decide the cruise’s route, which
can be either the tour of Halkidiki, or Mount Athos / Amouliani, or even
Skiathos Island!

Apart from Nefeli’s customized activities, we offer you a great variety of prepackaged
activities at the most popular sights of the region. The friendly
prices and the welcoming atmosphere will thrill you up! Are you ready to
explore Greece? Why don’t you visit the breathtaking Meteora or the glorious
Pela-Vergina? Jeep Safari in Kassandra or even a refreshing visit at Waterland
will definitely inspire your stay. Feel free to ask us and we will let you know
about every further detail, before arranging your trip.

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