Nefeli is your vitamin SEA

They say the best vacation is when you forget what day of the week it is and Nefeli Villas and Suites is determined to put you on that path. Inspired by the prism of the radiant sun and the crystal clear waters, Nefeli complex offers a rich collection of alluring villas, suites and bungalows in one of the most wondrous regions of Greece, Halkidiki.

Driven by the passion to offer travelers the opportunity to experience authentic holidays and unforgettable memories, the complex is a high quality accommodation both for families and couples. Nestled in Nea Skioni, with the sea at your fingertips and the hot summer sun cuddling you, Nefeli Villas & Suites will become your dream home. Here, the time loses its meaning and your mind is focused only on relaxation. Elegant, stylish, safe and fully organized, the complex offers opulent facilities and equipment to exhilarate, inspire and give your vacations a meaning.

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